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Works of Media Appreciation

Fanart: Works of Media Appreciation

The work of artist Chris Knudtson will be on display in the Criss Library's Osborne Family Gallery beginning Friday, May 10. Knudtson's work draws entirely from popular culture and features mosaics, paintings and scale models from famous movies, television shows and video games. Knudtson's work will be on display in the Criss Library, during regular library hours, until June 21.

University Division

Welcome to University Division, an academic home for degree seeking students who have not made a definite choice about a major field of study.

Did you know, on average, 50% of college students change their majors at least once between freshman year and graduation? 1Changing majors can result in lost credit hours, more years in college, and higher student loans. By starting college as an “undecided” major, you can explore areas of interest before making a final commitment. With a minimum of 41 general education hours required for any major, you may explore areas of interest while completing credit hours required for graduation, regardless of what major you choose.

University Division has academic advisors who are familiar with the requirements needed for every major UNO offers. At a minimum of once a semester (although you are always welcome to make as many appointments as you would like), you will meet with an academic advisor who is interested in you and how your studies are going. At University Division, we encourage you to choose a major that will be interesting to you. While expected income and job openings are certainly aspects to consider, we also believe that the most valuable part of an education is the personal growth you will experience while studying something you love.

If you know what major you would like, but are not accepted due to admissions criteria, you can join University Division until meeting the necessary requirements. We will help you continue your education in your desired major as much as possible. You may stay with University Division for up to 36 credit hours, giving you three semesters (based on 12-credit-hour semesters) to explore classes and decide on a major.

In addition to students deciding on a major, University Division also offers academic advising to students who are enrolled as non-degree.

1 Ronan, G. (2005, Nov. 29) College freshmen face major dilemma.